Bespoke software

Off the shelf software often doesn't meet all the your needs. By having software designed just for you, you can be sure it will do exactly what you want.

Few small businesses can afford to have staff developers to build the systems they need and thus struggle on using software that doesn't do what they need. We can fill that gap and provide the software you need at a price you can afford.

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Hardware advice and supply

Although I do not sell computer hardware, I can use my experience to help my clients choose the right hardware for their circumstances, and as I am not trying to sell anything, you can trust my advice to be in your best interests.

There are hundreds of online and high-street retailers offering systems and parts. I have over 30 years experience buying and building PC systems. I know the best, most reliable retailers to use. Whether it is a full system you need or just replacement/upgrade parts, I can help you find the best deal on the market.

A computer is only half a system if it is not connected to a network and peripherals. The right printer, scanner and network infrastructure need not cost the Earth. I can sift through the thousands of producs available and help your business get what it needs while only spending what it can afford.

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Custom computer graphics

I have over 30 years experience producing computer graphics both pre-rendered and dynamically rendered as required. Whether the subject is a diagram or an engineering illustration, I can produce a clear and crisp image.

Here are a few examples of my graphical work:

4m telescope dome at Seething Observatory In the late 1990s I was involved in the design and erection of a new 4m telescope dome at Seething Observatory in Norfolk. As part of that project, I produced this image as part of a design study and presentation.

An exploded view of a deep groove ball bearing As part of a presentation, I was asked to produce an exploded view of a deep groove ball bearing.

A page from an astronomical almanac When the Norwich Astronomical Society decided to produce an astronomical Almanac I was asked to prepare the diagrams of the night sky for each month of the year.

A dynamic starchart A client, a minor TV figure, asked me to assist in his new website. He wanted a dynamic starchart and his webdesigner had no experience or knowledge in how to go about producing one.

The chart is redrawn dynamically every time it is requested and is correct for the date and time.

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About me

As a software engineer with over 30 years solid commercial experience, I am well placed to analys your requirements, document them and build the software your business needs. I can bring to bear my experience of many sectors including the London stock markets, military hardware, and accountancy.

Here are a few of the many projects I have been responsible for over the years:

CMS was the market leading, and award winning, arable farm management system of the 1980s and 1990s. It allowed farmers to plan and report on their farm, stock and resources.

I wrote the GIS module for CMS. It allowed the farmer to plan their crops and report using Ordnance Survey digital data to produce accurate maps of the farm. This allowed the user to accurately calculate the area of fields, field headlands and inclusions (something that was extremely difficult yo do accurately by hand). By the time of EU arable area payment scheme, CMS Mapping was the only software system certified for use by the EU for preparing AAP claims.

In the late 1990s, it was customary for stock market dealing rooms to buy stock market data from one vendor, and dealing room sofware from another.

I was responsible for the design and implementation of a software system that allowed Dow Jones Telerate financial software to use Reuters stock market data. This software was installed on thousands of PCs in dozens of dealing rooms throughout London.

When lease cars come to the end of their lease period, the leasing company auctions them off into the motor trade, usually through their own dealership network. This meant that dealers had to attend regular auctions to bid.

I lead the development of a secure real-time Internet based auction system for a major U.K. car leasing network. I drove this project from the first discussions with the client, through to testing and delivering the final solution.

I lead the development of an electronic road collision reporting system for a major UK police force. This replaced a paper based system that was clumbersome and wasteful with an electronic system that was easy to use, secure and efficient.

I was responsible for the design and implementation of a RESTful web-service framework that allowed third party applications to access the Sage 200® accounts system in a controlled and secure way. This framework is became the core component of an ever increasing number of the client’s accounts systems.

I lead the development of a specialist point of sale system (POS) for a software house that specialised in software for plant nurseries. Off the shelf POS solutions were unable to accommodate the vast range of products and catergories required, nor were they able to interface to the specialist management/accounts software. The POS system that I designed and implemented achieved these and all other goals and became a core product for the client.

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